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With the latest German Material Engineering Technology comes KrySton. Highly innovative and aesthetically pleasing, KrySton makes for a perfect surfacing material everywhere.

Possessing a multitude of traits, KrySton proves not only decorative, but practical as well. German densifying and layering technology renders KrySton surfaces tough and scratch resistant. The nature of KrySton’s slabs also provides chemical and bacterial resistant properties due to its non porous nature.

Sublime in its appearance, KrySton’s slabs are well received for both its unique colors and aesthetic appearance. Polished to near perfection, the slabs exude a natural gloss which does not fade with time, preserving its beauty through the dredges of time. Furthermore, the intricate lattice structure cast by the layers set within the slabs bestows a mysterious yet alluring pattern which catches the eye of our many consumers.

KrySton’s pellucidity is also best exposed under various hues of light which would subtly display the material’s intrinsic polychromatic properties.

With its grandiose appearance and unparalleled practicality, KrySton is indeed the perfect solution for your design needs.

KrySton, with more than 25 years of industry experience is here to cater to your structural design, needs and wants. We aim to bring to you both form and functionality, with neither the former nor the latter compromised as we provide goods to near perfection.

Quality assurance aside, KrySton wishes for you to be with us for the long haul. Our products being durable and of low maintenance, you will be using KrySton products for a while and thus, we aim to bring you splendid and unrivalled customer care and support through the years.

Here at KrySton, we pride customer satisfaction as our principal aim and therefore would stop at nothing to provide customers with the very best care in, as much as we possibly can.

Once again, welcome to KrySton.



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