1. Is KrySton 100% scratch resistant?

It can only be scratched by an item of equal or higher hardness. Thus, while most objects can’t scratch it, a KrySton surface can always put a scratch on another.

2. Is it possible to join two pieces of KrySton?

After the uneven surface is polished, AB Glue/ Marble Glue (Transparent type) can be used to join them.

3. What Is Edge Profile?

Flat Polished bevel edge profiling

Flat Polish: Square edge with glossy polished finish.

4. Are downturns possible?

We do a range of downturns from 20-100mm according to each customer’s taste and preference.

5. Will My Countertops Have A Joined-line?

Countertop length exceeding 2400mm requires joining and joint-line is visible.

6. Does KrySton Require Periodic Sealing?

No. KrySton requires little to no maintenance.

7. How Long Does It Take to Install KrySton®?

The average kitchen takes about 2-3 hours to install, depending on joint-line and subjected to site-condition. Other applications such as wall panels are subject to different installation timings according to the conditions.

8. Will my cabinetry support the weight of the new countertops. Do I need additional cabinet supports?

As a Gauge, KrySton weighs 2-3% heavier than granite.

9. Does KrySton Has A Warranty?

Kindly refer to our Terms and conditions for the warranty.

10. Where Can I Find KrySton?

Krystal LITE Pte Ltd is an authorised distributor for KrySton.